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Sharon Ober (Surber)
Retired -P/T Receptionist Married 3 YES

Having lived in Rahway and raising three children, my husband and I moved to South Carolina in 2004.   Our  oldest, Tracy, stayed in N J and is a teacher.  Kate moved  to SC  with our son, Christopher.    We have two grandbaby girls, two great son-in-laws. 

Prior to moving to Bluffton, SC, my PASSION in Rahway was our old Rahway Theatre.  Staeting in 1982 and continuing till we moved in 2004, I helped to save  the theatre, buy the theatre, restore it and manage what is now the Union County Performing Arts Center. It could not have been accomplished without the the many, many volunteers and fund raisng efforts.  Celebrating its 90th birthday, this year and  now the center of an arts district, it is the crown jewel of our home town.   The value of the arts cannot be ezpressed in dollars as the experiences are priceless!

My life in SC waw working in banking until retirement.  Now I love spending tiime with our chikdren and grandchildren.  Living close to the ocean, I take advantage of the Hilton Head beaches.    Hope to travel to all 50 states - forty down, ten to go.  
 Always on my list is a trip back to New Jersey every year I can to  see old friends.

Hope to see old friends at our reunion in July.

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Larry Weaver
Retired/Consultant Married 2 Yes with a guest
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Steve Wisniewski
Retired from federal service Single 3 YES
200 days or less to retirement. I am looking forward to retirement. Never thought I'd make it through the various illnesses,  but God has blessed me with a wonderful daughter and 2 outstanding grandchildren. I did it the hard way through educaton. First at Marshall University for an undergraduate degree, then Stevens Institute of Technology for a Masters, and finally a Ph.d in Electrical Engineering at the University of Notre Dame. Have enjoyed life, accomplishing the goal of being in all 50 states in the US and 25 countries, including Poland 3 times.  They were right when you work for the US Government / Army you do travel and see the world. Have met a lot of nice people along the way  The goal of visiting 30 ball parks in 120 days was accomplished three years ago. That was a awesome trip, now i am going to drive accross Canada, with my daughter and 2 gandchildren, enjoying all the years I worked so hard  for,  since I was 11 years old. I live in Maryland and enjoy my beautiful 3 bedroom house. Overall, despite everything that has happened to me,  life has been very good to me. The 4 years spent attending RHS are remembered with great fondness and happy memories!!! My only regret is I wish I  could have done better in school, when I was younger. But high school wasn't my time yet. Sometimes in life,  people are late bloomers, .                                                                              "We Are Marshall" Send Steve a MessageSend Steve a Message
Stephanie Wolkin
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Retired Single YES
Very much looking forward to seeing everyone at our 50th reunion! 

I have been happily retired for nearly eight years.  I earned my B.A. from George Washington University and my M.A. from American University, both in Washington, D.C.  While there I worked in the U.S.Senate part-time and then full-time. 

I moved to Minnesota in 1974, first working as a reporter on a daily newspaper and then for the teachers' union as a communications specialist, organizer and business agent/negotiator.  I loved what I did but I knew I wanted time to travel and volunteer so I retired in 2010. 
I volunteer with first graders two days a week.  I also serve on the board of a non-profit that helps refugees, immigrants and low-income families.  And I travel -- a lot!   I have been to Australia, and have traveled extensively in Europe, Asia and Africa.  And every year I make a "pilgrimage" to my favorite place on earth -- Paris, France!

The photo shown here was taken three years ago in the Moroccan desert.

See you in July!

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