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Share information (with or without a picture) about yourself!  Please let us know if you are a "yes", "no" or "maybe" for July 21, 2018!   
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Hi Everyone....I am looking forward to seeing everyone, some, after 50 years! I have lived in Atlanta for the past 30 years. I used to be the Regional Manager for Design and Training of Custom Decorating for Sears Chicago. I have one daughter who is a commercial finance attorney for a large NYC law firm. She is mother to Sophie who is ten and just recently made her t.v. debut in a skit on "Impractical Jokers" where she demonstrated outragous new toys. She has the Grandma Crazy Gene. In September we were blessed with a grandson Mr. Jack....daughter somehow managed to "clone" her father and Jack has the body of a 4 month old with the face of a 45 year old Mob Boss. I love to cook and I still love driving fast cars but I found out I am a writer....wacky stuff as many of you know from my blog.......Working on a childrens book about my Great Pyrenees "Monty"...... And I know Mrs. Coe, who thought I was a total idiot, is rolling over in her grave....Hope we have a great turnout.... let's start seeing some more people on this site and see you all in July!  Sue.
UPDATE......I am sad to say I will be missing our 50th reunion and was looking very forward to seeing everyone. Unfortunatly my husband was recently diagnosed with cancer and will undergo surgery to remove his tumor this Wednedsday. He will have to have treatments for many weeks following so I will not be able to attend. I will miss seeing Lisa Szary...Marsha and Kathy Birmingham...Gayle and Sandy Mc Manus and Steve Campbell...hope you all have a wonderful time and of course to our fearless leader Cheryl who we all love for  the time
and effort that she puts in to every reunion...
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Patricia Quick (Brophy)
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Montessori Teacher and online Adjunct Prof Biology 101 Divorced 8 YES
Hello Cherished Classmates,
After high school, I went to college – Pfeiffer, NC and Newark State (Kean College/ University) for two years, got married to Tim Brophy from Clark, NJ, stayed at home and raised eight children, four boys -Timothy, Matthew, Daniel, & Benjamin and four girls – Allison, Sarah, Jessica, & Mary. All my children are grown, ranging in ages 31-46. Our two sons are still in Jersey - Matthew has a home in Rahway - whom I enjoy visiting immensely. The third son moved to Denmark with his wife and identical twin girls. My daughters are with me in Virginia along with 13 of my 17 grandchildren as well as my eldest son, Tim, and his family (6 children).
In 1992 I went back to college and finished my bachelor’s degree and I began teaching biology, science, and Forensic Science at Rahway High School for 10 years and in Lynchburg for 3 years. I got my Master of Science degree in Biology/Science Education in 2006 while still in Jersey.
I moved to Virginia for more space and natural beauty. Even though I love Rahway, I felt like I needed a change. I started visiting Virginia when my parents retired on the Eastern Shore in 1978. We spent our vacations there and started loving Virginia - the shore, the trees, and the mountains.

At present, I am retired from Public School teaching but I have been teaching online classes for five years now – Biology 101 for Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA. Also, I am studying Montessori Teaching by taking a correspondence course with the International Montessori Society. In addition, after interning for two years at local Montessori Schools, I am directing Montessori classes in my Montessori home school. I am exploring moving my school from my home and to set up a Montessori School. I am waiting for the Universe to align and show me where to move. I am also involved in a Children's Ministry called the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (world-wide), a Montessori approach to the religious formation of children emphasizing the essentials of the Christian faith. This chapter of my life is filled with Montessori passions.
I love my space here in Lynchburg. The woods are in the back yard. My neighborhood is full of community spirit. The adults get along and help each other. I have girlfriends that I hang out with. The kids are all playing outside together in each other’s yards. Many of them hang out at my house.
A good deal of my time is spent enjoying visits with my daughters and my grandkids whom I baby sit for a lot Mary’s kids – Aidan, Maya, and Molly. Also, I am raising my 15 year old grandson, Isaiah, my daughter Sarah’s child who has difficulties.
My life is children. I love them. I pretty much live to serve my family and neighbors as LOVE directs me. My eight children are all happy, talented, and successful. Check out my son Dan’s art work at www.danielbrophy.com  
When I have “Patty” time, I love to dance, walk, do Yoga, read, listen to music, and Netflix binge. This is me in Perth Amboy, NJ soon after my grandson Matthew Luke was born seven years ago. 
Presently, I am enlightened and seek higher consciousness in all my decisions – the consciousness of LOVE. Many may know what I am talking about. My teachers are Llewellyn Van Lee, Deepok Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Teal Swan, Louise Hay and many more- all on YouTube for free.

Peace, Harmony, Laughter, Love,
Patricia Quick Brophy

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Margaret Weiland (Carlson)
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Poker Dealer Married 3 YES
Hello everyone!  I am looking forward to our reunion and seeing all of my classmates of 1968! Wow...50 years!!
I will be married 47 years come this May.  I have three beautiful daughters who blessed us with 6 grand grand children and "one" GREAT GRAND DAUGHTER!!  Time sure does go by fast!  
I was in sales management most of my adult years, retired and went to Poker School.  I deal at the World Series Of Poker in Las Vegas along with a few casinos in California where I live.  I also have a Casino Party Company, although retired, I work more now than ever.  Love keeping busy.  I am looking forward to joining all of you in July!
For now.....Happy Holidays and God Bless the class of 1968. See you soon!
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Jane Peterson (Climer)
Retired Regulatory Consultant Divorced 3 YES
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Cheryl Di Carlo (Diamond-Johnson)
Married 6 YES
I cannot believe 50 years have almost passed since our happy, carefree days at RHS!!
Looking forward to seeing everyone again!!!
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Patricia Epprecht
Minister/Retired Single MAYBE
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Bob Gollihur
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Retired Married 4 MAYBE
I took a surprise turn from my planned Music Teacher/Glassboro State route into banking, primarily operations, and did the Vice President thing at banks and a data processing servicer. Meanwhile, I had three wonderful sons (five grandkids now!) with wife 1.0 and enjoyed playing music p/t as work pressures and travel permitted. Surprise shock and awe: I lost my vocal cords to cancer in 1990. Fortunately, I had the support and care from my girlfriend, coincidentally an RN; we celebrated our 26th anniversary this year. However, after the bank I worked for merged into another, I couldn't get another job in banking... or anywhere. 

I can't lie, those two nearly simultaneous hits had life-changing impacts that took quite some time to diminish. Writing remotely for PC computer publications and software kept me going for a while, but founding an internet-based, niche music store for fellow upright bass players became my very successful second career. We retired early; my eldest owns and runs the biz now. I've been in Ocean View NJ for almost thirty years now, and we enjoy our family, playing music, sports cars, travel, and enjoy extended stays in New Orleans.

Still can't wrap my head around our ages; do you accept 67??
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Joseph Kvarta
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Artsit Married 5 MAYBE
After Graduation...from RHS attended and Graduated from Jersey City State with and Economics degree went immediately on and reiceved an MBA from Wagner College in Finance. Started coaching baseball and basketball while in college.  Even won the little league city championship in Rahway my very first year.  Continued coaching through out my business career on all levels including high school (2 State tiltles) and college. Business career included working in purchasing and procurement which moved me to Calgary Alberta and Houston Texas. Returning to NJ in 1983 worked in the Mortgage Industry in cluding owning my own company. After retiement got back into drawing and now painting. Have apingins hanging in 11 states and Slovakia.  I have 5 kids and 10 grandkids.  My oldest son is a lawyer (Go Villanova) my oldest daughter is a florist, my youngest daughter who lives in Charlotte is an amazing mother of three very talented girls.(Go Clemson!.. My middle son works for the State fof NJ.. do not dig without calling first..or he will fine you!!!! ha.  My youngest is a MD/PHD in Maryland who did his undergard work at Cornell. Have continued art courses at Rutgers even currently!  For me moving to Rahway as a ninieth grader... was absolutely the right move by my parents. Even with all the negative press at times over social media and Facebook... I am so glad it exists.... I have re-connected with so many past friends and made so many new ones... yes, primarily from Rahway.. looking everyday to make new ones, as well!!!! Send Joseph a MessageSend Joseph a Message
Tom Leone
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Electrical Contractor (Retire) Married 2 MAYBE
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